Halloween workplace celebrations…are they worth the hassle?

Halloween workplace celebrations…are they worth the hassle?

October 30th, 2019

Everstaff has an annual Chili cook-off. It is a time that the employees gather for a bit of fun and friendly competition. We have it in conjunction with Halloween and use it as a theme of sorts. It is a good time had by all. We take a lot of thought into planning the event and the details involved. Gatherings like these can bring great bonding experiences to employees but can also bring headaches to managers and HR. 

The Balance Careers wrote a piece titled  How to Make Your Halloween Celebration Safe and Fun in Your Workplace. We here at Everstaff found it useful and thought you would also.


Halloween is one of your employees’ favorite holidays to celebrate in the workplace. For employers, Halloween is a chance to build teamwork and encourage positive morale among employees.
It’s an opportunity for executives and senior managers to mingle with the rest of the staff so that when an employee approaches the senior leaders in the future, the contact might not seem so scary.
Halloween also provides the perfect setting for the families of your employees to see the workplace where Mommy or Daddy spend most days. Family friendships are also a frequent offshoot of families enjoying fun activities together in the workplace. These are a boon for helping you reduce employee turnover. After all, who wants to leave their best friends behind?
Compelling reasons exist to celebrate Halloween in the workplace. From the employer's perspective, you just need to prepare and communicate so that you and your employees are on the same page about appropriate behavior at work.

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