5 tips to help find employees that will endorse your brand

5 tips to help find employees that will endorse your brand

September 20th, 2019

Sometimes a temporary solution can lead to great growth and the realization that there is a need in the company that must be addressed. Companies use temporary or seasonal hires for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, the goal is to have those temporary employees leave with a positive experience that will encourage them to endorse your company. The Staffing Stream wrote an article that addresses this very topic.  


Cool Opportunities in a Hot Job Market — Finding, hiring and building brand ambassadors 

 by Vincenza Caruso-Valente 

Summer is almost over and as the end of the year approaches, the demand for temporary employees rises by the day. Faced with peak sales during the holidays, retailers turn to temporary and seasonal staffing for relief. This solution is a perfect alternative for companies that need support in meeting the seasonal demands of their industries, but don’t necessarily need that extra hand the remainder of the year. 

However, for the employment relationship to be mutually beneficial, the company must offer perks and benefits that will help attract top talent and create great brand ambassadors. To find out top tips to help find stellar hires who will endorse your brand, click here