Trust Your Resume to a Specialist

Trust Your Resume to a Specialist

August 3rd, 2020

Your resume is the most critical part of your job search. It is the introduction to you and a summary of your work experience. There are best practices that are helpful to follow to make your resume its best. Why not use a professional to help get your resume in tip top shape!


Just like you, EverStaff recruiters are specialists. They are trained to help you best position yourself and your experience to the hiring manager. Your resume needs to represent who you are and what you’ve accomplished. We help you and your resume get seen!


  1. Formatting – this seems simple but a format that is not customary with information in the right order does not allow your experience to be easily reviewed
  2. Wording – using key words that are important to hiring managers help show that your job history aligns with the expectations of the role
  3. Interview prep – we understand that your resume is just the starting point. Getting you ready for your interview is critical. We help you with mock interviews and practice questions.

Lastly, we make sure your resume is seen by the hiring manager, not a middleman or a computer.

Trusting your job search to an expert will give you an edge in this market. We are your partner throughout the process from first call through interviewing through new hire orientation. Not many recruiting firms make this promise. We do.