stay open to new opportunities when your job search is wearing you down

stay open to new opportunities when your job search is wearing you down

August 2nd, 2019

When you’re between jobs or stuck in one you hate, the job search process can feel like it’s going on forever. 

You’re putting yourself out there, networking, scouring job postings, researching employers, submitting applications, writing cover letters, tailoring your résumé to ensure it makes it through online application filters — and nothing.  

Well, that tends to happen when candidates keep too narrow a focus in their job search. Maybe they’re looking in only one industry. Perhaps they’re limiting the search to very specific job titles or certain types of employers, or they’re only applying if they meet every single qualification.

If any of this sounds familiar, it may be time to change your strategy and stay open. Your next great career opportunity could be just beyond your current search parameters. 

Like so many things in life, though, staying open is easier said than done. Here are three ways that staying open can help you accelerate your extended job search and find a job that’s more fulfilling than you ever thought possible.

1. Adjust your perspective.

Embracing the unknown can be scary, but it’s when we do so that we truly grow and can flex our creative muscles. So try making your default response “yes” instead of “no.” Be willing to explore opportunities outside your current niche and challenge your beliefs on what you can or can’t do. You may have an extraordinary talent or passion you’ve yet to explore!

2. Invest in yourself.

Developing your abilities and learning new skills opens you up to limitless opportunities. Of course, going back to school to pursue a new degree isn’t always feasible, or even the right choice in many cases. However, obtaining a new certification in your field, completing a certificate program, or looking into internships may be within your reach.   

Keep in mind that formal education isn’t the only way to grow your skills and enhance your résumé. Consider volunteering for an organization whose mission aligns with your passions and values. Log onto YouTube for tutorials to learn new skills or refresh ones you haven’t used in a while. Attend a conference. Listen to talks by industry leaders you respect. However you do it, investing some time in professional development can increase your value and marketability.

3. Expand your circle. 

If you’re thinking about making an industry jump, don’t underestimate the value of professional organizations, LinkedIn, alumni groups, and mutual contacts. Reach out to people in the field you’re exploring. See if they will meet with you and offer a bit of insight. After getting to know you, some of these new mentors might even be open to having you shadow them or might help you gain experience by inviting you to volunteer on a project. 

Show up to professional events and social outings that you wouldn’t typically attend. Ask questions and soak up as much information as possible. Say yes to meeting and connecting with new people every chance you get.

And if you need a little support and guidance with your job search, EverStaff recruiter Brandon Santoro would love to help you find your next great fit.