How to get your resume directly to the hiring manager

How to get your resume directly to the hiring manager

December 27th, 2019

Remember the days when you could hand deliver your resume? You would leave the business confident it got to the place it was supposed to go.

Those days are gone.

Now you are not allowed to just walk into a business and hand your resume to the manager. Time and again you are pushed to a website to digitally upload all your materials. When you hit submit you have no idea where it goes, who sees it and whether it ever arrived. Gratefully there is still a way to get your resume direct into the hands of the hiring manager. What’s the secret?

A staffing firm.

I know what you are thinking. Staffing firms are for day laborers. They are places where people line up outside early in the morning. That caricature of a staffing firm disappeared with the ability to hand deliver your resume. 

Hiring managers go directly to staffing firms to find the best candidates. It is in the best interest of those recruiters to find the perfect match for both the manager and the applicant. They have already developed a personal rapport along with professional trust. 

Basically, the staffing firm is working for you.

It is time consuming and frustrating to scour online job postings, searching for that one job that you may be qualified for. Not to mention be interested in working. But when you show a recruiter your resume and employment goals, they immediately begin the search of finding the right job for you.