the customer service industry is growing

the customer service industry is growing

August 26th, 2020

Industries with Call Centers and Customer Service Centers are Hiring!

There are some positions within companies that have seen an increase in demand because of COVID and call centers and customer service centers are perfect examples. As you’re looking to get back into the workforce, these are potential areas to investigate joining.

Just like any job there are different industries that have these departments. Each have their own rewards and challenges. Here are some industries that are seeing this growth in demand and why:

  • Manufacturing Sales – as the manufacturing industry in general ramps back up, they need to staff up their customer service and sales departments.
  • Mortgage Industry – due to low interest rates, mortgage companies and the businesses they support are very busy and have seen an increase in home sales and people refinancing their mortgages. These companies are hiring customer service, loan processors and data entry positions.
  • Collection Agencies – this has been an unfortunate outcome of COVID as more and more people are unable to pay their bills. These companies have an increase in demand to fill collection specialists in the consumer and business to business areas and estate collection roles.
  • Health Industry – with open enrollment coming up, insurance companies will be seeing an increase in demand for insurance processors, customer service and data entry positions.
  • Online and Catalog Shopping – fewer shoppers are going to brick and mortar stores and doing more shopping online or by the old-fashioned catalog thereby needing more customer service representatives to take, track and refund orders.

But how do you know if this is the right industry for you? If you’re good with people, have good listening skills and are patient you might be a great fit for any of these positions.  And experience is a plus. 

At Everstaff we specialize in Customer Service and Call Centers so contact a recruiter today and know you are working with the best.