What exactly does a recruiter do?

What exactly does a recruiter do?

June 28th, 2019

Nobody likes talking on the phone anymore. But don’t make the mistake of dismissing a call from a recruiter! They’re working hard to find your next job and can’t do it without you. 

In fact, a recruiter’s reputation depends on them successfully placing you in the right position. So, you can trust that a recruiter has a vested personal interest in finding you the right job. EverStaff builds its company reputation on the satisfaction of our clients.

But what exactly does a recruiter do? They simultaneously wear these four hats:

1)    Detective. A recruiter’s reputation is determined by the type of people they place in positions. When a recruiter gets a resume or receives an application from a candidate, they begin to research. They look into a candidate’s job history to determine their experience, talents, skills, and training.

2)    Matchmaker. Recruiters want to find the right fit for both the client and the candidate. This takes skills, knowledge, and experience that most people don’t have. They’ve cultivated deep connections with potential employers and know exactly what they need. This creates the perfect recipe for matching candidates with their ideal position.

3)    Counselor. It’s a daunting task to write a resume, prepare for an interview, and market yourself to potential employers. A recruiter’s job is to walk you through every step of the process. They’ll help you tweak your resume, find the right outfit, and answer tough interview questions. A recruiter is your coach and your advocate. 

4)    Salesman. Part of the professional matchmaking process is making a sale. A recruiter sees the big picture and knows how to find the perfect fit. But that means they have to convince both the candidate and the company that they’ll work well together.  
With all of that in mind, why stress yourself out searching for a job when an EverStaff recruiter can help you through it? They’re not just trying to just find your next job. They’re working tirelessly to find you the right one.