Here are some guidelines you can follow to optimize your career placement.


A resume is your primary asset throughout your job search. Presentation can be just as important as the content within.

Successful Interviewing

Your first interview only happens once. The prospective employer will provide a limited amount of time for you to showcase your background and skills. Here are some helpful hints to make sure your interview is successful:

  • Prep yourself with mock interview questions
  • Research the employer before you interview
  • Dress as professionally as you can accomplish
  • Save the perfume, cologne, smoke, and gum for after the interview
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early
  • Make eye contact and be authentic
  • Remember your posture and to stay engaged throughout the interview
  • Don’t talk over the interviewer
  • Ask insightful questions
  • Sell yourself
  • Be sure to say “thank you” via email within 24 hours of your completed interview

Working With a Recruiting Firm

Recruiters are in the business of identifying talent and successfully placing them into companies. Recruiting specialists have access to jobs you would never been able to identify. When looking to work with a recruiting firm, here are a few helpful tips that will make the relationship work.

Be honest about your situation and background, it will only help the recruiter identify an opportunity in which you will be successful.

Make sure to set your expectations for your job search and share all the details with your recruiter.

Be professional, which is a large part of how the recruiter will market you to their clients.

Engage the recruiter. Your constructive feedback will allow the recruiter to make adjustments to your job search.

Update your recruiter with information on your personal search, this way there is no crossing of paths when the recruiter is presenting you to their clients.

Trust your recruiter.

Ask for advice on what you can do to enhance your chances of receiving the job you are searching for.


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