EVERSTAFF is your perfect resource if you need assistance in identifying talent and matching it to your company’s needs.

To ensure your company is matched with the most appropriate, talented candidate, we peruse and verify the candidate’s credentials, interview the candidate, conduct skills evaluations, & confirm and contact the candidate’s references.

To make sure our client is matched with the most appropriate, talented candidate we will:

Pre-screen every candidate

We do this to ensure they have the skills necessary for the position. EVERSTAFF only selects candidates who possess the necessary experience or the appropriate education to handle the job duties.

Profile the candidate.

Candidates complete an application and a skills assessment profile. This provides EVERSTAFF with the appropriate information concerning the candidate's qualifications.

Interview the candidate.

An EVERSTAFF staffing executive conducts a one-on-one interview with the candidate. The interview is meant to identify specific criteria and needs that the candidate has for his/her job. The expertise of our staffing managers in specific industries allows them the advantage of understanding the job requirements from the get-go, resulting in a full, in-depth interview. This process allows EVERSTAFF to assess the job knowledge and professionalism of each candidate.

Detail references.

EVERSTAFF will submit references from prior employers, managers or supervisors. This information will detail the length of time the candidate was employed, job duties and may also include insight regarding work ethics, attendance, communication skills, time management, strengths and weaknesses.


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